Diving Site

Perhentian Island is indeed a tropical island paradise. Blessed with some of the best beaches with brilliant white sand and crystal clear waters, the surrounding sea teems with abundant marine life and spectacular coral formations of hard and soft corals make this tropical paradise the haven for snorkeling and diving.

1. Teluk Pauh (3m - 5m)
Located on the west side of Big Island which is suitable for Open Water Diver. You can enjoy sight of moray eels, sea stars, stingrays, puffer-fish, batfish, bumphead parrotfish, green sea turtle, blacktip sharks, cuttlefishes, pipe-fishes, nudibranchs, seahorses, and etc.

2. Tiga Ruang (5m - 12m)
Tiga Ruang dive site is suitable for Open Water Diver. This site offers the opportunity to see turtle, stingrays, boxfish, parrotfish, sea stars, sea urchins, yellowtail jacks and others.

3. Tanjung Besi (25m)
On the northern tip of Perhentian Besar is a peninsula with a reef at around 20 meters. There are some big rock formations and a couple of small caves and swim-throughs. As the current is often stronger here there are usually schools of bigger fish such as barracuda, trevally and mullet. There are also often big groupers lurking around in the depths. Here, Christmas tree worms, sweetlips, moray eel, scorpion-fish, and batfish can be find. If you are fortunate, you can even find humpback wrasse, hawksbill turtle, and white-tip reef shark.

4. Laluan Naga (10m - 18m)
Diver will love the underwater world after diving at this site. There are many marine creatures that you get to see such as fusiliers, turtle, sweetlips, parrotfish, barracudas, groupers, puffer-fish, snappers, and etc.

5. T3 – Terumbu Tiga (20m)
As known as Tiger Rock in English, this dive site is probably one of the best in the Perhentians. It boasts some large coral formations, barrel sponges, soft whip corals and gorgonian fans. Fish life can be equally as impressive with schools of mackerel and barracuda. The big boulder formations create some impressive swim-through and canyons here and if you are fortunate you may spot a leopard or white tip shark.

7. Tanjung Tukas (10m - 18m)
This site can be one of the good experience dives for Open Water divers. You can find soft corals and turtle at this dive site.

8. Teluk Dalam (8m - 15m)
Variety types of nudibranchs, sea anemones, stingrays, sea stars, black corals and wing oysters can be see when you are diving at this site.

8. Shark Point (16m)
Dominated by staghorn coral, this site offers not only opportunities to see blacktip reef sharks cruising the shallows, but also a wide variety of fish and other marine critters.

9. Gua Kambing (5m - 15m)
You can often finds moray eels, stingrays, cleaner shrimps, sea stars, and etc when diving at this site.

10. Shipwreck / Vietnamese Wreck (18m - 24m)
Despite the name, this is actually a US twin-screw landing craft which sank in 1976. The wreck attracts an incredible array of marine life, notably schools of barracuda and snapper that feed in the current, which is often strong. You can also find the glimpse of batfish, boxfish, groupers, angelfish, jacks, stonefish, stingrays, and wrasses at this site.

11. Pasir Kerangi "PVC – Pine Artificial Reef" (5m - 18m)
This site is an artificial reef made from PVC pipes laid down by the Department of Fisheries in 1991. At this site, you may find Dendronephthya soft tree corals. Black corals, sponges, wing oysters, and etc.

14. Tanjung Panglima Abu (5m - 25m)
Teluk Panglima Abu is situated on the northern tip of Pulau Perhentian Kecil which is on the southern side of rocky headland. You will sight whip and harp coral on the deeper sandy bottom, giant marbled groupers, yellowtail barracudas, great barracudas, giant morays, hawksbill turtles, humphead parrotfishes, jacks, batfish, butterfly fish, fusiliers, trevallies, and etc.

Diving Site

15. Tanjung Butung (12m - 25m)
This spot is where you often sight barracudas, jacks, batfish, butterfly fish, moray eels, fusiliers, trevallies, groupers, and various types of soft corals.

16. D’Lagoon (12m)
Surrounding a small sandy lagoon is a lively bed of colorful hard corals. This chilled out dive will find you face-to-face with a wide variety of reef life, ranging from the magnificent school of giant bumphead parrotfish to the adorable Clownfish.

17. House Reef – Batu Nisan (5m - 15m)
An ideal dive site for day or night diving and snorkeling. It is a shallow reef that lies on the east coast of Perhentian Kecil. There are large variety of coral structures (brain, leaf, lobe, staghorn) provides home for numerous fish and sessile marine species. As you dive around the reef fringe, you will come across Jenkin Whiprays, Blue Spotted Stingrays, plenty of little gobies, and shrimps spreading throughout the sand. All through the entire dive, you will discover a brilliantly colored anemones and blue clams, Christmas tree worms, clownfish (nemos), turtles, angelfish, and batfish. If you are lucky, you will see a school of bumphead parrotfish pass by you.

18. Sugar Wreck (18m)
A truly fantastic dive, this 80 meter cargo ship which sank during the monsoon season of 2000/2001 while bearing a load of sugar, is now home to a massive abundance of marine life.

22. Pulau Serenggeh (8m - 18m)
The current can be strong sometimes but you can also find black corals, fire corals, gorgonian sea, harp corals, whip corals, and etc. More corals can be find compared to marine creatures at this site.

23. Temple of the Sea (Tokong Laut) (5-24m)
One of the best dive sites in Perhentian. A series of underwater boulders and pinnacles plays home to all manner of marine life. If you’re lucky and the season is right you may even glimpse a whale shark! Sea turtles are seen on almost every visit.

24. Sail Rock (17m)
A beautiful submerged coral reef where you’ll often be greeted by schools of yellow tail barracudas and a huge variety of corals like the bright red fluorescent anemone, staghorn coral, table coral, whip coral, barrel sponges and tube worms where you will find different species of groupers, sweetlips, triggerfish, batfish and schools of snappers.