Hybrid Station
Take a trek on the island's hybrid station trail and witness a breathtaking view of Perhentian Islands, overlooking the South China Sea, and Perhentian Island Besar. You may opt for a BuBu's guided tours.

Bubu Resort Island Excursion
5 Baby Islands
Visit one of the world most beautiful coral island at Perhentian Island. The Perhentian baby islands are located out in deeper water, where the corals shine through the turquoise wavelets and curious fish swim among the coral island.

BuBu Resort Snorkel Trip
For avid snorkelers, BuBu has a Sea Sports Center to cater to all needs including guided scheduled snorkeling trips daily to easily accessible snorkeling and diving sites. This includes sites around Perhentian Baby Island, Perhentian Island Kecil, Perhentian Island Besar, Lang Tengah Island, and Redang Island.

Jungle Trekking
For those who would love to explore the extraordinary biodiversity of the tropical rainforest, BuBu offers guided jungle treks to the heart of Perhentian Island. It would be an eye-opener to the beginners and a great refresher for the well traveled. For a cultural experience, you may also trek to the Fisherman Village at Perhentian Island Kecil.

BuBu Resort Diving Trip
Blessed with some of the best beaches with brilliant white sand and crystal clear waters, the surrounding sea teems with abundant marine life and spectacular coral formations of hard and soft corals make this tropical paradise the haven for snorkeling and diving. Not to forget, the world's best living from macro organism to large pelagic wreck diving.

BuBu Resort Kayak
Conquer the shoreline in a kayak. Venture to the serenity of this delightful escape and discover some of the simpler pleasures of island life amidst the captivating coastlines of Mother Nature's loveliest playgrounds at Perhentian Island.

Fishing Village
There's a small fisherman's village on the Perhentian Island Kecil. You can either trek by foot there or take a water taxi.

Candat Sotong
Candat sotong is a local traditional method of catching squids. Charter a private boat and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Perhentian Island. It can be quite a challenging experience for those who have not tried catching squids by just using hooks on a nylon string.

Take a boat ride out to the clear turquoise South China Sea waters. For those who love fishing, you can hire a boat and go a distance off Perhentian for deep sea fishing during the day or even at night.

Bubu Resort Sandbank Wedding
Sandbank Wedding
There's nothing more romantic than to discover your honeymoon paradise and say 'I DO' at the white sandy beach of Perhentian Island, BuBu Resort (Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia). Enjoy the romantic escapade at BuBu Perhentian Island for your lifetime memory with your love ones.

Bubu Resort Sunset Cruiser
Sunset Cruise
Watch the sunset with your love one on a private cruise for two. Leave everything behind and sail away. Sip champagne and enjoy while gliding through the golden sunset of Perhentian Island.

Theme Party
Throw a party with style for you and your friends at a remote paradise hidden in small island of Perhentian. BuBu Resort will make this event something you will never forget.

Secret Beach Hideaway
Escape to a paradise of Malaysia most beautiful beach. Located at a beautiful private beach blended in the island's forestry, where you can spend private moments with your love one appreciating each other, enjoy sun bathing and snorkeling. Enjoy this ultimate moment in Perhentian Island.

Traditional Coconut Planting Ceremony
Bubu Resort is an ideal destination for beach wedding. The gentle swaying of the trees and the birds singing witnesses this precious moment as the seedling of love set to the white sandy beaches of Perhentian Island. It's a tradition that symbolizes a new chapter in life for each newly weds.

Blue Moon Private Dinner
Feel the powdery sand at your feet at the edge of the pristine beach. An intimate moment set up with a bottle of wine. Enjoy A Romantic Dinner with your love one at BuBu Long Beach Resort.